Course Description

With the start line in ASDA Car Park in Brighton Marina then climbing up to the cliff top via the zig-zag path. It heads east towards Rottingdean along the grass verge before dropping down to the undercliff for a few hundred metres before crossing the coast road by the first tunnel. Heading inland, the next stop is the first water station at Saltdean. At the north end, the race moves off-road at the football club with a right turn up Pickers Hill to the top of the Downs - a tough hill with the 5-mile point halfway up. On top of the Downs, it’s across the beautiful rolling grassland before dropping down to climb The North Face. This ascent is short and steep with the second water station on the top of Mill Hill, Rodmell.
The course then picks up the South Downs Way, left through the Twitten Path and on to the Yellow Brick Road; an uphill mile and a half of concrete - a remnant of the Second World War. At the top, spectacular views across the South Downs and Lewes await.  Here race legend suggests the meaning of life can be found.
A quick right then left along the escarpment of the Downs to the first descent of the infamous Big W to Swanborough. Here it’s left, and back up to the South Downs Way - the race 10mile mark is at the top. Following the escarpment, the second descent is towards Kingston and the third water station.
The race continues along the South Downs Way past the dew pond and reservoir before turning left at Castle Hill Nature Reserve.  It then drops down to Death Valley, a mercifully flat stretch bringing temporary respite from the climbs. Next is the derelict village of Balsdean, flattened by target practice during the war, then The Snake, a two-mile grassy track leading back up to the top again.

Next, a hairpin left through the back of Woodingdean to another reservoir, then down the pumping station service road to Rottingdean. The road is crossed before the ascent of the windmill hill to St Dunstan's Home for the Blind at Ovingdean. It just remains to pass through the tunnel to the clifftop and back to Brighton Marina, finishing at the bottom of the zig-zag.

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