Myth & Legend

The Jog Shop 20 has its origins back in the 1970's, when local running legends Sam Lambourne (who still leads the

organising team), Steve Fortune and Alex Ace Angeli realised that track workouts wouldn't be enough to get them through the rigours of a full marathon. With a copy of the South Downs Ordnance Survey map in hand, they headed out to create a long, challenging route over the Downs. The original marathon preparation route took in many of the features of today's course, and, to a large extent, remains unchanged still.

As the training route strayed far from human habitation, there were few named landmarks, so the group decided to give the memorable sections names of their own. The first section to be named was The Yellow Brick Road when Steve Fortune burst into song halfway along this aptly-named oddity. Names for the other landmarks followed soon after.

The race began officially in 1992 as the Jog Shop Jog. Andy Wright undertook the daunting task of measuring the route, taking him 9 hours to cover the entire route by wheel. The course came out at 20 miles, 420 yards.

With race features like Death Valley, The Snake and The Big W, you’d think that the Jog Shop 20 takes place in the Wild West rather than the gentle hills of the South Downs National Park. However, as anyone who has completed the race will testify, the hills are not as easy as they look.

The route covers just over twenty miles with 90% off-road and includes some gates and stiles.


The Jog Shop was established in 1986 by Sam Lambourne, a prolific local marathon runner with a hundred marathons behind him and a best of 2-18

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